Well, it is June 4th and the selling season is upon us in full swing. Over the last couple of days, I have seen a few photos floating around on Facebook that truly disturb me … the lack of right equipment.

What do I mean by right equipment? When you hire a REALTOR, we have a few tools at our disposal to make certain you, as the SELLER, are taking care of. One of those tools is how access is gained into your home. As REATLOR’s we have a couple of options: The Supra iBox or a Combo Box. In reality, there should be only one option and that is the Supra.

But why? Easiest answer! Your protection! However, many agents, go the way of the combo because it is cheaper. A Supra box in the Dallas market runs about $130 with tax and a monthly subscription of $17 a month. So as mentioned before a combo is cheaper hence why they are used. With that said in the long run the cheaper way may cost more than just the $30 you spent for it.

The reason for always using a Supra are many: 1. I know who is coming and when they leave. The Agent must have the Supra App to access the lock box. 2. I can shut it down and allow no one to enter based on days, times, etc and 3. As you can see in the photo it is pretty hard to break into. It does not matter if the home is vacant, a rental, etc a Supra should always be used and as a Seller, you should make certain they are used for your property.

Imagine if you had the combo box on your door and you came home and it looked like the photo … So ask for the Supra!