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For Sale By Owner


FSBO has seen a sharp decrease in popularity since the market has shifted and the paperwork involved but it does not mean it cannot be done. A greater share of profit doesn’t come without its share of legwork, however. There is a large amount of work that comes along with selling your house by yourself. The hassle involved with selling by owner can take a toll financially and mentally.

Those who want to sell their home by owner should consider whether or not they will be able to physically show their property. You should also be aware of the worth of your home and be cautious about not receiving a bad deal. If you do research on your home, as well as the surrounding neighborhood, you should become comfortable enough with the numbers to set the desired price and stick by it.

While you don’t have to worry about your profit suffering from a REALTOR’s® fee, you will do all the hard work yourself. Also remember, your home needs curb appeal to sell. This means repairs, updates, or renovations need to be completed beforehand, which could cost you time and money.

Keep In Mind

Recent Studies
Agents assisted sales can generate 13% net higher profit for the seller 89% of buyers 35 and younger used an Agent or Broker to Buy a Home FSBO tend to sell for lower than comparable homes sales & in many cases below the average differential represented by the prevailing commission rate.

Can Be Difficult
The paperwork involved in selling and buying a home has increased dramatically as industry disclosures and regulations have become mandatory.

Bottom Line
Before you decide to take on the challenges of selling your house on your
own, sit with me and see what we can do together to sell your home faster and for a higher profit.

We Are Here To Help

At the end of the day, there is only one important thing … getting your house
SOLD no matter if you do it on your own or you use a REALTOR®. I truly believe that you can do it on your own as long as you understand it will take some time on your part and some time on the market. The DFW area has seen a change over the last year and we are seeing some homes taking a bit longer to sell and we are seeing a dramatic decrease in FSBO in our area as well.

I just want you to know that I would love to be a resource for you and will try to help find a buyer for your home … all I ask is that when the time comes for you to to use a REALTOR® that I have the opportunity to interview for the position of getting it SOLD!